Drake General Store + Me


The first two paragraphs of the Drake’s about us page perfect sum up their character, personality, aesthetic and overall awesomeness.

Since opening our doors in 2008, we’ve played with the notion of taking the traditional hotel gift shop and re-imagining it in a contemporary and varied urban context. By capturing inspiration from the classic general store, the museum shop and the flea market stand, we’ve worked really hard to create unique destinations for classic and modern goods and goodies. Each of our stores are filled with a sense of whimsy and nostalgia, which caters to the sensible and the not so sensible; travelers and neighbours alike.

Our lovingly curated shops stock items from around the world. While, at the same time allowing us to support our local art buddies and feature homegrown talent. We’re so proud to be Canadian and show off our nation’s eclectic heritage alongside global treasures and occasional rare antiques.


Plus they’re Canadian! When we first started talking wholesale, they were like the benchmark. I’m thrilled to say that as we speak there are a whole wack of Great Lakes  letterpress prints on their way to Drake’s doorstep. I’m so excited to be part of their shop. If you ever walk by one, there are 4 locations now, be sure to stop in!

Some of my favourite things…


1. Field Notes, designed Aaron Draplin  2. Shared History tote  3. Shared X Bay Cedar Vintage Sweatshirt  4. MacAusland Throws  5. Where Chefs Eat  6. Shared History Provincial Toques  7. Ceramic Tinware Measuring Spoon Set

All images via Drakegeneralstore.ca



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